joi, 19 august 2010

English Phonetics and Phonology (Games)

If the above one confuses you try the following link:

yes, I mean this one

Fun guaranteed!

miercuri, 11 august 2010

English Phonetics and Phonology

One of my former students spends her vacation studying for an exam.

I know what she is going through because some years ago, while in college, we used to study the same subject.
Having to study Makarenko was a nuisance.It is difficult to learn a language theoretically and not through practice.
Exams require definitions. Reading books like this becomes a mathematical problem or a jigsaw.

But in the end, I must admit that it was interesting.
Romanic languages as mine and Anglo-Saxon ones are so different! Thus,I tend to believe that books like the one below, offer the posibility to gain a new perspective upon the world. Simply by knowing that your way of naming the things is not unique or less poetic than the other's way of doing this. To me learning a new language is a lesson of tolerance and respect.

I still have lots of things to learn but I want to share what I know so far with you.

vineri, 6 august 2010

Little prince (Competition nr.2)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11

1. In which of the above fragments there's a song about flowers? Can you tell me which flowers are mentioned in the song?
2. What are the different meanings of the word *well*?
Is there a metaphor? Standing for what?
When do we have to use good and when do we have to use well?
for more details check
3. In which of the fragments above there's a dance slightly resemembling to Michael Jackson's dance?
4. Part 9 is my favourite.
What is the significance of the word tame for you?